America’s Veterans Under Republican Rule and Rules (.pdf)

The Treat­ment of America’s Vet­er­ans Under Repub­li­can Rule and Rules-2014

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Raising the Minimum Wage: Pros and Cons (.pdf) [Reposted]

Rais­ing the Min­i­mum Wage-2014

Revised: June 5, 2014

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Killer-stalker on the loose. Beware! (Reposted)


First posted: April 28, 2014

As I recounted in Chap­ter 3 of My T-shirt Resis­tance, there were three men (besides the two female employ­ees present at the scene) who on July 9, 2012,  attempted to mur­der me out­side of the Joshua Tree Cir­cle K. Of those three, only two have been iden­ti­fied: Mr. Nuts and Mr. Orange. Every­body in town knows who they are, where they are and what they did in their attempt to kill.  How­ever, I was not able to iden­tify the dri­ver of the Edi­son water tanker truck because he failed to exit his vehi­cle in the min­utes I remained on scene, until now.

I have seen this man three times. First, directly after the 2012 inci­dent. For about a week, he sat in the cab of a two ton box truck marked with the name of a nurs­ery and land­scap­ing com­pany that was parked in the Cir­cle K lot, as if on guard duty. Once, as I drove past, he even gave me a wave.

A year later he fol­lowed me into Oasis, a local office sup­ply, and watched me as I con­ducted my busi­ness. Finally, on April 21, 2014, he tracked me into the Joshua Tree laun­dro­mat and with a female accom­plice, were in motion towards my back, until I spot­ted their approach. She appeared to be about twenty years his senior, Cau­casian, salt and pep­per hair, slim build, medium height. When I attempted to make eye con­tact, they both hus­tled past me and dashed out of the premises.

He’s the killer who wielded the water tanker truck as a weapon with intent to mur­der. Who knows what else he has done, to whom, his his­tory, his motives, or plans? It is just as impor­tant to ask who he works for sim­ply because he is not an inde­pen­dent actor. He is being used.

For exam­ple, start­ing with Cit­i­zens Patrol deputy, Mr. Orange, go into the three Morongo Basin Stater Broth­ers mar­kets and count the num­ber of their male employ­ees who hap­pen to be pre­ma­turely bald and arti­fi­cially tan Cau­casians. Try to speak Span­ish with any one of them and watch them scoot away into their back rooms. A freak coincidence, an anom­aly of nature, a cor­po­rate deci­sion to be a leader in fair employ­ment prac­tices or per­haps their over­whelm­ing love of south of the bor­der cul­ture and traditions?

I don’t think so, not when it is known that recently retired cap­tain Boswell of the Morongo Basin San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Depart­ment began his work­ing adult life as a store man­ager for Stater Broth­ers and who loudly and proudly boasts of the on-going per­sonal and pro­fes­sional rela­tion­ship he has main­tained with them through­out the years.

What I do think is that Stater Broth­ers grudg­ingly employs token brown and black peo­ple like props in a set design nec­es­sary to help hide, sequester and give a liveli­hood to any num­ber of rogue, crim­i­nal and wanted ex-employees of the San Bernardino County Jus­tice departments.

Fur­ther, and even more insid­i­ous is this. San Bernardino County is the most cor­rupt county in the state and this quid pro quo arrange­ment Stater Broth­ers and other busi­nesses have with local law enforce­ment is emblem­atic of not just cor­rup­tion, but as a polit­i­cal model, is out­right fas­cism in the works: the con­ver­gence and amal­gam of cor­po­ra­tions, church and gov­ern­ment. Throw in a news­pa­per, a radio sta­tion and a pop­u­la­tion of gullible true believ­ers, lib­eral enablers, and utterly deluded new age self-servers and you’ve got your­self a gen­uine fiefdom.

But, to give the devil its due, I must applaud this lit­tle Shin­ing City on the Hill for its stab at total­ity, as in total­i­tar­i­an­ism. They almost had it cov­ered: from birth to grave, from life to corpse and appar­ently, with enough busi­ness to employ its own body dis­posal unit. After all, chain­saws, tree chip­pers, land­fills and mur­der make good mulch and I know of one land­scaper, as pic­tured above, who seems to have earned enough leisure to sit around in park­ing lots for a week or even do a load of laun­dry on a Mon­day after­noon with noth­ing else to do.

I bet he goes to a church, one with enough of that holy oil to keep the gears of this com­mu­nity well greased and run­ning. If they had killed me as planned, it would have been lauded as an act of god strik­ing vengeance on the unbe­liever and those guys would become local heroes, their busi­ness would boom, their pews finally filled with sup­pli­cants, con­tri­bu­tions and donations.

But, they botched it. If the San Bernardino Sher­iffs did not destroy the in-store and out­side video, every­one could see them, from start to fin­ish, cheer­ing from the inside for the kill, then des­per­ately rip­ping out their hair when their plans fell flat. Who do they pray to now? Not that I give a damn, but I’m sure it would be com­i­cal to hear the sort of grand signs they con­jure up as a means of explain­ing their failure.

Actually, I only have one ques­tion, but I already know the answer. Why are California’s pris­ons over flow­ing with tens of thou­sands of inmates doing time, hard time, for less than a small per­cent­age of the crime that these goons, thugs, per­verts and killers who lead our com­mu­nity do as a way of life?

F.B.I. Hate Crimes: (310) 996‑3359.


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My T-shirt Resistance: Chapters 4–6 (Reposted)

Chap­ter 4

A pall had descended upon the entire Basin. Overnight, res­i­dents had become pod peo­ple, part­ners in mur­der, and I became their com­mon enemy, the one “who knew too much.” It was sick, socio­pathic, and reminded me of accounts that tell of vil­lages in old Europe that went mad, mur­der­ous and insane from ergot fun­gus that grew on their wheat. Except this time, the insane ingre­di­ents were mur­der, cor­rup­tion, race and religion.

The next day, I went back to the store where I knew Mr. Orange worked. I was ignored by every­one, even the employ­ees who, in the past, had been talk­a­tive and friendly. I asked what the man’s name was and I was given the same answer by every­one, “I don’t know what you’re talk­ing about.” In other mar­kets, I would get the same cold shoul­der. I would not get change, or get the wrong change. My dis­counts were not applied. I would be dou­ble charged for the same items. I became a face­less object, some­thing to be stepped around, ignored and got­ten rid of, as if I was the killer.

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My T-shirt Resistance: Chapters 1–3 (Reposted)

First posted: Sep­tem­ber 23, 2013


My name is Tom Loret. I live in 29 Palms, Cal­i­for­nia. I am 66 years old. I have a BA in anthro­pol­ogy which has made me a life-long social observer and an MFA in stu­dio arts. I have lived my life as an artist and writer. The fol­low­ing story is just one more instance.

I moved to this area of south­ern Cal­i­for­nia in 1995. A canyon fire north of Los Ange­les had dev­as­tated my home and neigh­bor­hood. So I put my belong­ings in the back of my pickup truck and took a cabin out in the Joshua Tree mesa. It was on the prop­erty of a med­i­ta­tion teacher I had met and vis­ited in the recent past. Once here, I estab­lished an imme­di­ate rap­port with the envi­ron­ment and decided to rent a place of my own.

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Terrorist Propaganda Alert!

ter·ror·ism [ter-uh-riz-uhm]: noun

  1. the use of vio­lence and threats to intim­i­date or coerce, espe­cially for polit­i­cal purposes.
  2. the state of fear and sub­mis­sion pro­duced by ter­ror­ism or terrorization.
  3. a ter­ror­is­tic method of gov­ern­ing or of resist­ing a government


Oaf Keepers

Loca­tion: North side of Hwy 62, 29 Palms, CA

The bill­board reads: “There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”

This is thiev­ery and a lie wrapped in igno­rance and hatred.

It is thiev­ery and a lie because it com­mits the sin of omis­sion. Their quote is lifted from a speech and a book writ­ten by Gen­eral But­ler called, War is a Racket (1933). It is a short and con­cise five chap­ter book that can be read online in ten or twenty min­utes (

It’s five chap­ter titles are:

  1. War is a Racket
  2. Who Makes the Profits
  3. Who Pays the Bills
  4. How to Smash this Racket
  5. To Hell with War

Excerpt from Chap­ter 4:
To sum­ma­rize: Three steps must be taken to smash the war racket.

  • We must take the profit out of war.
  • We must per­mit the youth of the land who would bear arms to decide whether or not there should be war.
  • We must limit our mil­i­tary forces to home defense purposes.

Do the Oath Keep­ers  know their enemy? Whose Bill of Rights are they talk­ing about? Our fifty mil­lion hun­gry Amer­i­cans, fif­teen mil­lion of whom are chil­dren? What will they eat, anger and bullets?

In the 98 days since Sandy Hook, there have been 2,244 Amer­i­cans killed by guns, mostly friends and fam­ily on friends and fam­ily. You can read all their obit­u­ar­ies here: “Map­ping the Dead: Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook,” (

Who will defend us against that? With what, more guns?

Who do they ask us to defend our homes against when it is mostly white bankers and cor­rupt white politi­cians who have taken their own homes from them?

Is it the brown peo­ple, the ille­gal immi­grant? They’re refugees. These peo­ple have lost their homes, their jobs, their fam­i­lies and even their lives to the same forces and cor­po­ra­tions that the mil­lions of Iraqis in Syria have: Exxon, Hal­libur­ton, Mon­santo, Chase­Man­hat­tan and oth­ers. The same “rack­e­teers” that pur­posely use this excess labor to force wages down for the Oath Keep­ers them­selves. Get rid of those cor­po­ra­tions and let these peo­ple go back home where they most want to be.

Is it the black peo­ple? Who will defend their Amer­i­can right to vote? When they have the same rights and priv­i­leges as white peo­ple do, black peo­ple will have lit­tle need or want to do any­thing at all with white peo­ple.  Besides, they’ve been here longer than most white peo­ple. Think about it, it’s their coun­try, they built it and the white peo­ple took it. Who will defend them?

It’s just like every­thing else, includ­ing the Mex­i­can soil upon which we live, before it too was robbed at gun point. Guns, by the way, that made a handy profit for the Lock­heed Mar­tins and Tele­dynes of their day. Gen­eral Smed­ley But­ler knew all about it and is why he said, “To hell with war.”

So, who are these Oaf Keep­ers? Read about them here:


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